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We manufacture door frames as per customer order. We use the below timbers for door frame:

* Teak

* Teakchambol

* Shikoroi

* Loha

* Mahaghony

Bangladesh Timber, one of the leading company in terms of timbers in Bangladesh. We have couple of saw mills located in Dhaka and Chittagong. We are importing timbers (Gmelina, Basralokus, Azobe, OKAN, EKKI, Teak) from different countries to meet the demand from our customers. We also procure Teak, Shilkoroi, Gamari, Chapalish, Mahaghony, Teakchambol, Gorjon etc from domestic sources.

Why Bangladesh Timber?

· 10 year warranty on the entire product range is a testament to the confidence we have in the excellence of our manufacturing.
· High level of quality standards through regular checks, right from procurement of material to final assembly.
· Best logs are selected after eliminating those with twists, uneven and wavy grains, pin holes, cracks, knots.
· Klin seasoned to get the right amount of moisture.
· Specific chemical are used to prevent insects and fungal attacks.
· Innovative designs.
· Fine workmanship with experience and technical skills.
· High quality finish.
· Guaranteed on time delivery.
· After Sales Service.